Digital Marketing that works

Disappointed with your website and online sales results?

Are you finding results from your website disappointing, perhaps because of poor sales, poor enquiries, poor conversions, low customer loyalty or all of the above? Perhaps you don't even know how effective your internet work is? Is it time for a change of approach?

Many organisations using a digital or online approach to marketing follow a similar, flawed path which is often littered with failed projects and wasted investment providing little or no benefits to the business. 

It can be a painful journey before realising a different approach is required - let us help you get to phase 3.

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22nd August 2014

Case Study: Loft Conversion Specialist uses SEE

Local Loft Conversion company accelarates to UK's leading specialist with Phase3 SEE Marketing Solution

31st July 2013

Responsive web design is more than just about mobile

Responsive Web Design is for more than just mobile

First off let's be sure of what "responsive web design" is and what it means to a site you are visiting (or creating).

18th July 2013

Wordpress vs Joomla vs Magento

Which platform to use for a particular website? We don't like this debate much and whenever it's asked by a prospect know there is some low quality site designer or builder behind it.

19th June 2013

shiny new Blackberry 10

Not strictly on message however. We've recently taken delivery of a shiny new Blackberry Z10; the full touch screen version and not with the full keyboard. Before finally taking the plunge and moving from using a mixture of I phones and Android phones this was a bit of a leap of faith so decided we'd share our experience so far.

18th June 2013

Off shoring website and content creation

Off shoring your Search Optimisation and blog - is it really a good idea ?

This update originated following a quite intense discussion with a couple of customers recently. One customer had their site built, content created and SEO undertaken using a company based in the Ukraine (no problem in itself I hasten to point out). Another was having their content created by a London based company that outsourced all work to India - again as long as it works.

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